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About district

Urząd Gminy Kleszczele
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The history of district is connected with city inseparably, however first traces of colonization were uncovered on district terrains in neighbourhood of villaghe Toporki. The terrains of present district belonged to half XIV age to Ruś, later they entered in composition of Great Lithuanian Princedom. From times of Union of Poland from Lithuania belonged to royal goods, which Kleszczele were centre.

Name Kleszczele appeared already in documents in XV age, and right municipal locality got in 1523 year with privilege of Old Zygmunt's king. To XVI age locality lived exclusively population Ruthenian origin, which flows in from Wołynia from early Middle Ages.In XVI lid existed in Kleszczele two orthodox churches : call holy Jerzy and call holy Nicolaus, belonging to włodzimierskiej diocese from capital in Wołyński Włodzimierz. Period of Lithuanian rule began the process of change of ethnic situation and denominational.In development of city, and particularly the consolidation of religion Roman - Catholic, a lot of effort put the queen Bona Old Zygmunt's, wife, as well as the queen Stefan's Batory, wife Ann .In 1533 year queen Bona maid repurchased from chancellor's hands Olbracht Gołsztoła - Kleszczele, receiving it in lifelong rule.It measure with initiative of Nurserymaid's belle was conducted włóczna, which brought in process large changes peopling podlaskich królewszczyzn. Many small settlements in her result were have done away creating large, compact villages. For Kleszczele was measured 5 villages - suburbs (Dobra Woda, Babicze - Kuzawa, Trubianka, Nurzec - Czeremcha, Kośna - Daszewicze). In year 1544 queen Bona maid put parish Latin church under call holy Zygmunt and she on his endowment gave back market from craftsmen. However queen Ann in 1581 year gave the city of permission on building in town hall from postrzegalnia, inn and weight. In the same time the city received second privilege - right the using of stamp from coat of arms ( the lamb from paper flag as well as the inscription : SIGILLUM the CIVITATIS the KLESZCZELOWIENSIS). In this period city calculated about 2.300 be engaging occupants mostly craft, trade as well as hop's sale. After inclusion brzeska union in 1596 year orthodox parishioners of Kleszczele by longer time stayed near sire's belief. From 1633 year Orthodox church under call holy Nicolaus was transformed in unicka.

Mentions about existence in 1758 year the foundry of glass in literature are. Swedish wars broke the great development of city as well as fire in 1777 year after which from 181 houses only 13 stayed, but sources from 1794 year pass already that city calculated 270 houses.

To III partition of Poland the city belonged to the ground of bielska in podlaskie province, and for Prussian times to administrative district the bielski at białostockm department. Occupants deal with with agriculture mainly. Kleszczele were famous from the hop which was exported to Królewca's plantation. After III partition of Poland terrains these found in borders of Prussias. After signature in Tylża peaceful treaty in 1807 year, until to explosion first world war, they belonged to Russian Empire. Period of the czar's rule he caused the return from 1839 year of totality the podlaskich Rusinów to canons of Orthodox church the orthodox the simultaneously Russian areola ceremony - cultural visible particularly in Russian pronunciation of cerkiewnosłowiańskich liturgical texts, the advoctae in Russian language the sermons as well as in of architectural Orthodox churches built in II half of XIX age forms. Orthodox churches in this period were lined with brick work was in Kleszczele call Falling asleep Unmarriedwoman's the Holiest Maria as well as in Kośna under call holy Nicolaus. Come from rule Russian the sign the outside of religious life in Orthodox church remaining to today. In second fishing XIX age in centre of city Jews raised the synagogue. The remainders of Jewish cemetery to today's times kept, laid for buildings in near distance from leading to Czeremcha.

In 1910 year was built Roman - Catholic parish church under call holy Burgundzki Zygmunt, who functions also at present.

In time of the I world war in 1915 year in result of evacuation of orthodox population in depth of Russia the occupants' number decreased. In September this year on result war workings Orthodox church call holy Nicolaus was broken. Belfry saved, which for 1937 year has fulfilled the part of chapel.After obtainment by Poland of independence areas these found in borders of Poland again.Orthodox church call holy Jerzy was burnt in 1924 year. The wayside shrine in place of former Orthodox church in 1998 year was builds call holy Jerzy.

In time of II world war city underwent next destructions, and population in considerable degree was exterminated. Liberation of Kleszczele happened in 20 July 1944 year by 65 Army of Belorussian Front. By whole post-war period country population was subject on activities of different kind of guerrilla formations as well as gangs about robbery character.

After II war world Kleszczele did not regain already former magnificence and lost in 1950 year municipal rights. At the end of fifties given back to using the municipal turkish bath as one of five in province. In thesixties came into being the row of investment, as the the open bath pool which after general repair functions at present the the fireman's depot, water-pipe in devoted to use as one of first in province of Kleszczele. In KleszczelE functioned the brick-yard as well as the concrete factory, producing articles on local needs and beyond terrain of Group. In frames of yearly actions "Green Sunday" afforest in sixties about 1000 hectares of waste lands. Kleszczele were famous in that time with bean's tillage, cucumbers as well as pottery articles.

The rise in 1990 year of territorial councils as well as say renewed conferment in 1993 year municipal they created the next chance of development of city and district.


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